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Sarkap İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş.






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Product Lines

Metal Kitchenware Boxes
Metal Trays
Olive & Olive
Oil Packaging
Glass Jars
Jar Lid Group
Pet & Plastic Products
Company Information

SARTEN, which started metal packaging production in its Çorlu factory on March 20, 1972, opened new factories to meet the needs of its customers in the growing Turkish market over the years. SARTEN has a total of 15 factories in Silivri, Gebze, Karacabey, Gemlik, Manisa, Ayvalık and Adana regions, thanks to the investments it has made in line with its growth strategy. These factory investments were made in the regions where the customers' factories are concentrated in parallel with SARTEN's customer-oriented strategy. For this purpose, the Silivri R&D Center and the Manisa Technology Center led the efforts of SARTEN in the field of innovation. 

SARTEN's product portfolio includes Hard Metal and Plastic Packaging, Jar Lids and Easy Open Lids. This rich variety of products to food-industrial and cosmetics, including three main sectors of services etmektedir.sart that in 2015 the world's largest supplier of Mitsui shares of 15% of delegating partnership agreement to imzaladı.sarten all abroad with its capital companies established under the structure of Bulgaria (2) It has 4 factories in Russia and the Netherlands. 

Entering the B2C channel with its own brand SARKAP in March 2019, Sarten Ambalaj aims to increase its awareness among the final consumers and to take its place in homes with its quality and reliability.

Competitive Advantage

Because we are a manufacturer, it is advantageous for the customer. We can apply the pattern requested by the customer on our products. In addition, as long as the diameter of our product does not change, we try to help with lengthening or shortening in line with the customer's request.

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